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Title: Forest Pack Lite/Pro 3.6 and HQ Catalog 1.0
Post by: iToo on July 30, 2011, 09:09:43 PM

This release includes all the changes of the latest betas, now available for Forest Pack Lite and Pro.
Color Tint


Multiple Surface List

Forest Pack  Lite/Pro 3.6

Forest Color

This new plugin is used to add color variation to the Forest items, in a similar way to Forest Material but with significative differencies:


Library Browser


Other changes

And many fixes included, see all changes in the release notes.

HQ Catalog 1.0

A new product is available: HQ Catalog. It lets you to use the HQ Plants models from the Libray Browser of Forest. Includes definitions, thumbnails and auto material assignment for Scanline, Mental Ray and VRay.

It is freely available in the downloads page.

Note: HQ Plants models are sold separately.