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Forest Pack Pro 3.6.2
« on: October 01, 2011, 01:22:40 PM »

Forest Pack Pro 3.6.2

This maintenance patch includes the following bug fixes:

  • Forest Color->Tint by Element was failing when rendering multiple frames in Mental Ray
  • Scale map, rotate map and Tint map now work properly with 3D Textures, including VRayDistanceTex
  • Fixed issues with the Detach/Attach procedures

Color Tint


Multiple Surface List

Forest Pack Lite/Pro 3.6

Forest Color

This new plugin is used to add color variation to the Forest items, in a similar way to Forest Material but with significative differencies:

  • Since it is a 2D texture map, not a material, can be used as diffuse map, specular, opacity, etc.
  • Includes up to 10 randomly color/texture maps. Adjustable parameters: color / map / presence (%) / on-off toggle.
  • Adds 5 blending modes for Color Tint: Normal, Color, Additive, Average and Multiply.
  • Color Tint and Maps can be applied by Item or by Element:
    • The items are the scattered objects (i.e., the trees), and the elements are the mesh parts of each item (as the leaves of a tree).
    • This powerful feature allows us for example, to randomize several leaf textures in a tree, or tint individually each blade of a clump of grass.
    • For Color Tint is possible to adjust the weight of tint applied by item or  element (0% to 100%).


  • Full 3D scattering using UV surface coordinates. The   scattering mode can be selected in the surface rollout: XY (2D projection) or UV (3D).
  • "Surface->Align to Normal" has been replaced by "Direction", a numeric value which defines the direction of the items relative to the surface's orientation.

Library Browser

  • The Library Browser now supports 3D objects.
  • The free models of HQ Plants are included with the Forest Pack Lite/Pro package.
  • Full integration with HQ Plants libraries, including thumbnails and automatic material selection.
    Note: you must install HQ Catalogs which is a available as a separate download.


  • Scale transform now uses separate ranges for XYZ, instead Width/Height values as before.
  • Scale->Lock aspect ratio adds three new modes: None, XY, XYZ.
  • Rotation and Scale maps now accepts color images. The X,Y and Z scale ranges are multiplied by the Red, Green and Blue component of each pixel (RGB->XYZ).

Other changes

  • Points-cloud performance has been greatly improved.
  • Added compatibility with Max 2012 & Max 2012 Design.
  • Max 7 & Max 8 are not longer supported. Forest now requires Max 9 or greater.
  • Color Tint is enabled in Forest Lite including the new Forest Color plugin, except Tint/Map by Element.
  • A new counter, 'Hidden items' is added to Forest Stats (Custom Edit mode only).
  • Display->Hide Custom is off by default, except when Mental Ray is the active renderer.
  • The Surface List can be edited from Maxscript.

And many fixes included, see all changes in the release notes.

HQ Catalog 1.0

A new product is available: HQ Catalog. It lets you to use the HQ Plants models from the Libray Browser of Forest. Includes definitions, thumbnails and auto material assignment for Scanline, Mental Ray and VRay.

It is freely available in the downloads page.

Note: HQ Plants models are sold separately.
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