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Title: Forest Pack Lite/Pro 3.8.1
Post by: iToo on March 09, 2012, 09:25:25 AM

Forest Pack Lite/Pro 3.8.1

This maintenance patch fixes some minor bugs:

- Fixed potential crashing bug when using multiple animation samples in VRay.
- Exclude splines were not updated properly when using 4 surfaces or more.
- Fixed crashing of collisions detection process with UV Surfaces.
- Fixed jittering when using Random Translation with UV Surfaces

Forest Pack Lite/Pro 3.8

This release includes many improvements as:

- Multiple areas, each one may be parametrized individually.
- Real-time collision detection with external objects.
- Painting Tool. The Paint areas are parametric and can be converted to splines and back.
- Material Optimizer. Converts materials to VRay/Mental and tune up the texture parameters.
- Improved performance, specially when handling complex area splines.

You can see all the changes in the Release Notes (


Registered users of Forest Pack Pro can download the upgrade from the User Panel ( The Lite version is freely available to download ( in our website.

Note: The installer overwrites the default libraries. If you have modified them, please make a copy before upgrading (C:\Program Files (x86)\Itoo Software\Forest Pack Pro: lib, maps and matlib folders).