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Title: Forest Pack Lite/Pro 4.1.2
Post by: iToo on September 23, 2013, 09:47:45 AM
Note: Library presets on this version has been modified. If you have scenes created with Forest 4.0 that use presets on XRef mode, they may fail to load. This post ( describes a workaround for this issue.

Known issues: Forest Material doesn't work in VRay 3 if the Base Material is a Standard mat. Use Forest Material + VRayMtl instead. This should affect only to billboards scenes.

Forest Pack 4.1.2

- Density/Scale falloff and Boundary Checking for Surface areas (without creating an auxiliary spline).
- Added Surface->Randomize Stacked. Allow to randomize items that are aligned on the same XY position, along stacked surfaces.
- Added right-menu selector for Custom Objects, Surfaces and Areas.
- Added Display->Update All. Rebuilds all Forest objects.
- Added RGB Level for diffuse maps to Material Optimizer.
- Added support for VRay 3.0 beta (3.05.02 or greater).
- Added support for VRay 1.5 in Max 2013.
- Added Max 2014 to the installer.
- Increased limits of Transform->Translation.
- Forest Tools assigns Object ID from the Forest object to the instances.

- Added Preset materials for Octane and Thea Render.
- Some library models (daisy and white clover) were to big. They have been scaled to a more natural size.
- Added support for Laubwerk Plants catalog add-on (to be released soon).
- Right click on Creation Panel->Library button clears current selection.
- Presets now can use library materials. Each material of the preset is replaced by a material from the library with same name.
- XRef import is disabled by default for Preset models. This behaviour can be overriden editing manually the XML definition file (property xref=1).
- XRef materials always are merged in the scene, regardless of the Library Browser settings.
- The templates layer now keeps a single copy for each plant model. Scenes created with previous versions (from 4.0), are automatically optimized when saved with Forest 4.1.
- Fixed: error loading preset if exists in the scene a Forest object with same name as used in preset.
- Added support for labels and thumbnails at library level.


- Fixed major viewport slowdown when using animated VRay proxies.
  Note: By efficiency reasons, now Forest doesn't update automatically if you modify a Custom Object and this is animated. Use Display->Update to reload them.
- Point-cloud colors are gamma corrected.
- Point-cloud mode is suggested for Laubwerk objects.
- Fixed bug with nested Forests when inner object is on Custom Edit mode.
- Geometry->ID Color are properly updated after cloning.
- "Add Multiple" selectors (Custom Object/Area/Surface) now accept geometric objects created from splines.
- Fixed updating issue when two o more areas share a same spline or object.
- Fixed crashing bug using Tree Editor when object is empty ('F' icon).
- Fixed items rotation when using Forest in XRef scenes with "Bind" option.
- All Maxscript functions that have size as parameter, now accept zero to use the default item size (Custom Objects only).
- Uninstaller doesn't remove installed catalog add-ons.
- Fixed crash when assigning Custom Objects directly from the templates layer.
- Fixed crash using Octane material converter.

Registered users of Forest Pack Pro can download the upgrade from the User Panel ( The Lite version is freely available to download ( in our website.