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RailClone Lite/Pro 5.2.7
« on: August 17, 2022, 12:29:31 PM »
A new update of the software is available:

RailClone 5.2.7

- Fixed bad viewport performance using Proxy Cache together Quick Mesh display mode.
- Fixed: RC Spline->User Data sets doesn't work with some Unicode characters.
- Fixed: Transform->Z Deform as exported parameter cannot be connected to a Numeric node.
- Fixed: lights are not rendered in V-Ray when using Proxy Cache (embedded mode only).
- Fixed: ampersand isn't displaying properly for Numeric node name in Macros.
- Internal minor changes for V-Ray CPU.

RailClone 5.2.6

- Added support for V-Ray 6 (stable version).
- Marker Data is not read correctly for clipping areas.
- Added Unicode character support to RC Spline->User Data Sets
- Fixed Y Offset wrong direction when using A2S->Extend X/Y->Auto Align.

RailClone 5.2.5

- Large performance improvement with complex styles.
- Statistic Data is updated when object is rebuilt and Stats window is open.
- Fixed: Statistic Window shows zero seconds for all values (broken in one of the latest updates).
- Fixed: Parameters of different type are not updated when reimporting from Library or using Style->Copy-To.
- Fixed rare crash using L1S->Y Offset->Sync Offset or A2S->Y Offset->Aligned mode.

RailClone 5.2.4

- Added support for V-Ray 6 beta (experimental).
- Fixed Evenly gaps in generators without a spline assigned (using X Size).

RailClone 5.2.3

- Added new Expression Attributes: XSectionAdjustedLength / YSectionAdjustedLength.
   * Return the size of current spline section, substracting size of Start/End and Top/Bottom segments (for X and Y, respectively).
   * It lets you to fit Default segments (simple or from a nested generator) in the spline section, taking in account start and end segments.
   * We suggest to not use them to modify other segments than Default, because it would lead to recursion and return wrong values.
- Fixed behaviour of Y Sequence operator when using multiple X Splines.
- Fixed: Conditional->Line/Curve doesn't work well.
- Fixed support of non-geometric objects in nested Generators for some renderers (as Corona Renderer).
   * This issue cannot be fixed for renderers which have not support for RailClone API (as FStorm).
- This fix introduced on 5.2.0 has been removed, because was affecting to existing styles:
   "Fixed wrong input order when using nested Sequence operators on Y mode."

If you have any questions about this release, please let us know on the forums.

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