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Forest Pack Lite/Pro 8.0.9
« on: February 23, 2023, 11:20:28 AM »
A new update of the software is available:

Forest Pack 8.0.9

- Fixed crash in V-Ray when Forest object has not items to render. (bug introduced in FP 8.0.8 ).
- Added 'mode' parameter to 'fpTrimEdgeSpline(spline, mode)' Effect function.
   * When mode is 0, items outside of the spline are trimmed (as Include areas).
   * When mode is 1, items inside of the spline are trimmed (as Exclude areas).

Forest Pack 8.0.8

- New Effect function: 'fpTrimEdgeSpline(spline)'
   * Applies Edge checking (similar to Area->Edge mode) of current item with the specified spline.
   * It works with any distribution mode, incluing Custom Edit.
   * It may be slow with large distributions, use with caution. Also for performance reasons, it works at render time only.
- Added support of ForestSet for Object Areas.
- Added 'Disable Set Content' to ForestSet. When enabled, Set content is ignored, working as an empty object.
- Fixed crash setting Object Area->Top Limit to zero.
- Fixed rare crash of multihread process computing exclude areas from other Forest objects.
- Fixed: Fake Shadows doesn't work in V-Ray.
- Fixed: Effect Name is not updated when loading from Library.

Forest Pack 8.0.7

- Added toolbar icon for ForestSet.
- Fixed hangup using slow procedural geometries (as GrowFX) shared between several Forest objects.
- Fixed potential crash using Collisions checking with unresolved XRefs.
- Fixed: 'Surface Area' is not updated in Area rollup when adding or removing Surfaces.
- Fixed: Forest Lister->Rebuild doesn't update for splines included in a ForestSet.
- Fixed behaviour of Undo/Redo of Paint Areas when painting is not activated.
- Improved performance for animated Corona Proxies (Corona v10 and above).
- Fixed: using Interactive Renderers, object is always rebuilt with view changes, ignoring the parameter Camera->'Enabled on Viewport/IR'.
- Improved updating of Forest objects with Interactive Renderers, not rebuilding them in some cases where it was not necessary.
- Library items are added to the Geometry List in alphabetic order.
- Added checking to prevent empty values in some text controls (as Name in Geometry List).

Forest Pack 8.0.6

- Fixed crash in V-Ray in some special cases (i.e. using VRayDistanceTex with the Forest object).
- Fixed crash using ForestSet with interactive renderers.
- Fixed: toolbar is not restored to its latest position when Max is loaded.

Forest Pack 8.0.5

- Fixed error computing distance from item to area (used in Falloff, Edge Mode and other features).
- Fixed behavior of nested areas in ForestSet.
- Fixed: Selected items on Custom Edit mode are not visible when using Display->Mesh/Proxy mode.
- Fixed potential issues with circular references of ForestSet.
- Fixed mispelled name in ForestSet object.
- Display->'Direct X Acceleration' is removed (it was not needed for recent Max versions).

Forest 8.0.x is a major release with new features and improvements. To see a full list of what’s new, check out the official announcement.

If you have any questions about this release, please let us know on the forums.

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