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Forest Pack Lite/Pro 8.2.2


A new update of the software is available:

Forest Pack 8.2.2

- Added support for V-Ray 5 in 3DS Max 2024.
- Restored support for V-Ray 3.6, which was removed in FP 8.2.0.
- Added support for ForestSet in Areas of type 'Forest'.
- Improved efficiency of Object areas using ForestSet.
   * Previously, was created an large are using the geometry of all objects in the set. Now separated areas are generated internally, one by object.
- Added suport for ForestLOD and ForestSet in Library Browser.
   * This feature requires to save the library scene with Forest 8.2.2 or above.
- Added new option to Library Browser->Preferences->'Use unique names on imported objects'.
   * By default, Library objects are imported in the 'forest_templates' layer, with an unique name as '_forest_library_XXXX'.
   * This option lets you to disable the prefix, and import the objects with their original name.
   * Use with care. Disabling it would overwrite existing objects in the layer with the same name.
- Fixed: Forest object is permanently disabled if Distributed Rendering in V-Ray is used with 'Use local host' unchecked.
- Fixed artifacts using high Resolution values (above 4096) in Object Areas.
- Fixed missing message in the Library Browser when loading Forest Pro items in Forest Lite.

If you have any questions about this release, please let us know on the forums.


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