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Forest Pack Pro 4.0.0 beta
« on: December 18, 2012, 01:06:32 PM »
Note 1: Beta versions include new features and fixes, but a beta version is NOT the final version of the product and therefore we not guarantee an absence of errors that may disrupt the computer's operation and/or result in data loss. Use it always at your own risk.

Forest Pack Pro 4.0.0 beta


- Added native support for additional render engines: Maxwell, Arion, Octane and Thea Render.
    * Forest Color and other tint modes are not supported on the new engines.
    * Be sure your render software is upgraded to the latest version.
    * Support for these engines is experimental, please report any problem that you find.

Geometry List:

- Support for groups in Custom Objects.
    * This mode is useful to scatter groups of plants, preserving their composition. For example, sets of flowers or grass.
    * It works nicely used together Distribution->Diversity->Clusters.
    * Elements of a group are handled as individual items once scattered, both for the boundary checking and surface placement. This also has a great impact on the number of items generated, be care when scattering groups with many objects.
    * Don't use groups for objects that must be handled an unique object (for example a tree). In this case, use a single mesh as before.
    * Groups must be assigned using the name selector. Max doesn't support "pick" groups from the scene.
- Added multi-select support. Now it is possible to edit or delete multiple items at once.
- Added lock aspect ratio button to Geometry->Width/Height.
- Geometry->Material is not longer a required parameter. If not defined, the material of the Custom Object is used.
- Forest automaterials are generated using random names, to avoid duplicates.


- Points-cloud now uses a simulated shading mode, to improve 3D look. Use the slider to define the shading factor.
- Added global and local density parameters for Points-cloud.
- Nested Forest objects (as clumps of grass) don't require to set anymore Render->Meshes mode (VRay and Mental Ray only)


- Custom Look-at targets, independent from the Camera.


- Added Density/Scale falloff curves by Slope.

Tree Editor:

- Added three creation modes: selection, random and sequence. These modes also works with the Creation Tools.
- Added Properties->SubItem. This index selects the subitem when Geometry List->Custom Object is a Group.
- "Add Items" remembers the last model and subItem selected.

Library Browser:

- Added support for models organized in separate meshes or groups. Forest attachs all elements in a single mesh when importing.
- Commonly used options have been moved to the main window: Material handling, Merge/XRef, etc.
- Added render engine selector for libraries that support multiple materials (as HQ Plants).

Other fixes and changes:

- Class name is renamed from "Forest_Pro_3" to "Forest_Pro". Be care to modify your Forest scripts, if you have them.
- Material->Fast Opacity was obsolete and has been removed.
- Transform Rotation X/Y default value is set to -5/+5.
- Fixed: Areas->Select Models works with Diversity->Match Color ID and Clusters.
- Fixed: Updating issue when a Custom Object is converted to Editable Mesh.
- Fixed: VRay proxies using non-ascii characters fail to load in Max 2013
- Fixed: In some cases, render engine is not correctly identified when using F9 to render.
- Fixed: Animation samples are not properly updated, when using random or maps.

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