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Forest Pack Pro 8.0.0 beta
« on: August 30, 2022, 10:33:32 AM »
A new version of Forest Pack beta is now available for testing. Registered users of Forest Pack Pro can download the upgrade from the User Panel->Beta versions.
For any question about this release, please use the Forest Pack beta forum.

Note 1: Beta versions include new features and fixes, but a beta version is NOT the final version of the product and therefore we don't guarantee there won't be errors that may disrupt the computer's operation and/or result in data loss. Use it always at your own risk.

Forest Pack Pro 8.0.0b

New helper plugin: ForestSet.

   * It works as a container for a set of objects, which can assigned in Forest as Geometry, Surface or Spline.
   * For Geometry, a random item of the set is assigned as source geometry. For Surfaces and Splines, all items of the set are used as input.
   * Also can be used as input for Distribute by Reference/Path/Particle Flow.
   * Can get items from the list, or directly from layers. To add multiple layers, separate names by commas.
   * ForestSet accepts any scene object as input, but only compatible types are used in each case. For example, a Spline cannot be used as surface.
   * Groups, ForestLOD and Forest objects are not supported as items.
   * It supports nesting (ForestSet within other ForestSet).


   - Added support of Areas for UV Surface mode. Some limitations applies:
      * All areas are projected in a direction (X/Y/Z), according to the Area->Projection Axis parameter.
      * Area->"Distribution Map" parameters are not supported on UV mode.
      * Edge Mode requires a Spline or Paint area. It cannot be used directly over the surface.
      * Changing Projection Axis in a non-empty Paint area may generate unexpected results. Always select Projection Axis before starting to paint.

   - Added a new type of Area: Linked.
      * It lets you to pick an area of other Forest object, inheriting their parameters.
      * For example, you could assign a Spline in a "master" Forest object, and use it as area in other Forest objects, without reassigning the spline multiple times.
      * Parameters specific to each type of Area are inherited (as Spline/Object, Thickness, etc.), while common parameters (as Falloff) are local and can be modified.
      * Not all combinations may work. I.e. a linked "Object Area" can be used only as Exclude, not as Include area.

   - To preserve UI space, the 'Add Multiple' button was removed, and replaced with the 'Add Linked Area' button. Now to add multiple areas, just click SHIFT + Add Area button.


   - Added "Get from Forest". It lets you use the Surfaces from other Forest object.

Forest Effects:

   - Added selector to filter effect by geometry model, similar to Areas.
   - Added new type of parameter: Spline.
   - Added new funcions for spline checking. All of them work in 2D, using XY local plane (Z projection):
      * insideSpline(spline, pos): returns 1 if specified position is inside the Spline, 0 if not.
      * distanceSpline(spline, pos): returns nearest distance in 2D from position to the spline.
      * nearestPosSpline(spline, pos): returns nearest point from position to the spline.
      * nearestTangSpline(spline, pos): returns tangent of nearest point from position to the spline.
   - Added new fpItem attributes:
      * surfMatID: material ID on Surface.
      * splineMatID:: material ID on Spline. Distribution by Path only.
   - Fixed: Parameter Attributes are duplicated when editor is opened multiple times.
   - Fixed: Effect name is overwritten when edited.
   - Fixed: Texmap->Clear button doesn't work.
   - Fixed: Environment variables cannot be used to define Effects path.
   - Fixed issues in Effects browser for paths with non-ascii characters.

V-Ray CPU:

   - User Properties of source nodes are inherited on instanced items.

Arnold Renderer:

   - Added support for Vertex Color.

Other changes and fixes:

   - Fixed alignment of single item when is part of a group.
   - Added workaround in Max 2018 and above to restore toolbar position.
   - Fixed: Custom Edit with "Link to Surface" off, applies Random Z translation twice.
   - Display->"Use Direct X" is removed and enabled by default.

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