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Forest Pack Lite/Pro 4.3.3
« on: December 17, 2014, 11:57:40 AM »

Forest Pack Lite/Pro 4.3.3

New features and changes:

- ForestLOD (Level of Detail).
    * A new type of object, "ForestLOD", is used to define levels of detail. Once created, assign it as Custom Object in Forest.
    * Visibility triggers by distance to camera or screen size.
    * Support for billboards and geometry.
    * Custom materials.
    * LOD properties can be adjusted in Camera rollout.
    * See LOD tutorial here.

- New Area->Boundary Checking mode: Edge.
    * This mode creates clean edges automatically, regardless of the geometry used.
    * Specially designed for grass distributions, lets you to use clumps of any size, solving problems as this.
    * Currently this feature is supported only in V-Ray and Generate distribution mode (not Custom Edit). For non supported renderers, Point mode will be used instead.
    * Clicking Area->Edge with Left Ctrl enables preview on viewport (Points cloud mode only).
    * See Edge mode tutorial here.

- Added Areas->Z Offset.
- Added Areas->Limit by Surface Material ID.
- Areas->Falloff Affect is separated into Density and Scale values.
- Added Forest Tools->Data exporter to XML files.
- Added General->Disable Pop-ups: turns off all suggestions and warning messages, except critical errors (this option is global and persistent).
- Geometry->Get Size from Library is removed and enabled by default.
- Geometry->Global Size parameters are removed, although they are accessible by Maxscript ("globs¡ze", "width", "height")
- Geometry->Use Object Dimensions is replaced by local Scale parameter.
- New Display->Proxy model: Arrow (non-symmetrical)
- Added Display->Disable Object.
- Forest Tools->Instantiate copies User Properties, Object ID and wireframe color from the source object.
- Display->Use DirectX is changed to global and persistent value
- Installer supports multiple Max versions.


- 16 new presets: Gravel, including detail and large scale models.
- Added materials for Corona Renderer.


- Fixed: Distribution->Mapping Channel is reset to zero the first time scene is loaded.
- Fixed crashing bug using Undo after a Surface delete.
- Fixed animation and point-cloud issues from objects with zero size at frame 0.
- Added Undo support for several operations in Geometry rollout (as Clear buttons).
- Fixed problem of Exclude areas with Inverted Falloff Curves.
- Fixed issues with Distribution->Diversity Map and UV Surfaces.
- Fixed rare problem related to missing Surfaces on load.
- Fixed minor issues in Maxscript functions.
- Fixed potential crashing bug on Forest cloning.
- Forest Color ignores status of Override checkbox when using Tint by Element.
- Added Undo support to Geometry->Copy/Paste operations.

Registered users of Forest Pack Pro can download the upgrade from the User Panel.  Lite version is freely available to download in our website.
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