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Introducing RailClone 5


Paul Roberts:

Santa must have come early because today we’re thrilled to unwrap the latest and greatest version of RailClone, our innovative parametric modelling plugin for 3ds Max.

Major improvements in Version 5 include new banking controls that allow you to twist and corkscrew the geometry around the spline; the ability to distribute lights, VDBs and other non-geometric objects; and a brand new caching system that allows you to bake a RailClone object to the scene or an external file.

There are also significant improvements to markers, the ability to lock evenly divisions to odd or even values, drop-down parameter lists, improvements to clipping splines, new options for limiting by materials IDs, plus lots more.

Version 5 is now more optimised, more versatile, and more essential than ever before. To see the full list of what’s new, check out the announcement on our blog. 


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