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Author Topic: Mapping Tiles and Bricks Tutorial  (Read 2960 times)


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Mapping Tiles and Bricks Tutorial
« on: June 23, 2015, 12:10:42 PM »

In this new tutorial we share a time saving graph-snippet for mapping segments and randomizing them with individual tiles or bricks from textures.

This example will not only grab the individual parts from a larger map, it will automatically scale and offset the UVWs of the segments to save you from having to edit the source geometry manually. Once completed all you have to is apply the texture, tell RailClone how many tiles on each axis, and this setup will take care of the rest. At the end we even look at how to extract bricks from a tiling texture with a running bond pattern. Enjoy!

Please jump to our tutorials section to get more info.
Carlos Quintero
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