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Title: New Tutorial: Creating Cityscapes with RailClone and Forest Pack
Post by: Paul Roberts on February 25, 2019, 10:18:20 AM

“Creating Cityscapes (” is our latest Tips & Tricks instalment for RailClone. In this episode we're going to demonstrate how to distribute pre-built assets to quickly create procedural cities using Forest Pack and RailClone.

Using a simple grid, we’ll demonstrate how to populate a city with 3 types of building, each showcasing a different technique. We’ll start with courtyard buildings, add towers that are automatically scaled and oriented to fill and entire city block, and finally fill blocks with multiple mid-size commercial buildings.

The techniques shown in this tutorial can be used with the free Lite version of RailClone  ( if you’re not yet a RailClone user then here’s a great excuse to take if for a spin.

Visit our tutorial section ( to read the latest instalment in full.

3 new Macro Tutorials

In addition to our latest long form tutorial, we recently also released 3 instalments of our regular short tutorial series in which we share an explanation of a RailClone macro, a Forest Pack effect, or a useful tip. Here’s what you might have missed:

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Using RailClone's Gradient Probability macro (

Learn how to use a RailClone macro to switch between two different values based on their position along either the X or the Y Spline. The tutorial uses a building facade as an example, but the technique has many more applications
(;attach=12469;image) (

Making a Picket fence with RailClone (

In this tutorial we explain the Sub-Evenly macro. a useful node that allows you to add evenly segments between existing evenly segments. To illustrate we demonstrate how to make a procedural picket fence.
(;attach=12465;image) (

Scattering Around the Perimeter of an Object or Area  (

In this tutorial we explain how to use inverted falloff curves to scatter items around the edge of Include and Exclude areas, a technique we use to scatter the leaves around the text and heart shape in the sample image.

We remind you these tutorials are made by request, so if you have an issue you would like to see featured, please visit our forum  (*)/suggestions-for-railclone-tipstricks-tutorials/)and let us know.