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Author Topic: New Tutorial: Getting Started with Forest Pack Lite  (Read 2686 times)

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New Tutorial: Getting Started with Forest Pack Lite
« on: March 25, 2019, 10:39:46 AM »

We release quite a few tutorials demonstrating nifty tips and advanced features, but once in a while we like to release something for new users. This week we’ve gone even further - our latest tutorial is for people who have yet to even try Forest Pack or RailClone.

Getting Started with Forest Pack Lite” demonstrates the core features of our plugins to populate an architectural scene with trees, grass, hedges, gravel boardwalks and more - all using our free plugins so it won’t cost a thing.

If you’re an existing Forest Pack or RailClone user then this tutorial may not be for you, but if you know someone who’d like to give our plugins a try, please feel free to spread the love and share this tutorial with them. Thanks!

2 New Short Tutorials

If you’re already an experienced user, we have something for you too. In addition to our latest full length tutorial, we’ve been keeping up the pace with our series of short bite-size tutorials that explain a RailClone macro, a Forest Pack effect, or a useful tip.

In this short tutorial we explain how to create a common but tricky-to-model tiled roof with a bonnet hip using RailClone. This tutorial was created as a direct result of a question we’d received from a user. Remember, if you have a subject you’d like to see covered, just let us know!

Another question we’ve been asked recently: “How do you create a hexagonal pattern using RailClone?”. In the past we’d solve this by manually adjusting padding values, but thanks to a built-in macro this is now as simple as just wiring a couple of nodes together.

Both these tutorials can also  be completed with the Lite version of RailClone which can be downloaded free from here
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