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Author Topic: New tutorial: Stacking Shelves with RailClone  (Read 5334 times)

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New tutorial: Stacking Shelves with RailClone
« on: March 02, 2018, 10:59:10 AM »

“Stacking Shelves with RailClone’’ is our latest Tips & Tricks instalment for RailClone. One of the most requested tutorials on our forum has been for techniques to populate supermarket shelves. Specifically, users wanted to know how to randomise the number of products on the shelves in depth and to be able to create patterns of grouped items. In this video, we'll illustrate a couple tips for achieving these effects, and then expand the idea and demonstrate how to use nested objects plus a free macro included in the downloads to stack objects on top of one another.

If stacking shelves isn’t your thing, you will also learn several principles that have a wide range of applications, including randomising the rotation of objects to add natural variation, sequencing geometry to create patterns of objects, preparing objects from different sources for use in RailClone, nesting RailClone objects and propagating randomisation, switching X/Y Splines for different effects, loading and using Macros from a file and more.

This tutorial is compatible with the free lite version of RailClone, so if you’re not already a RailClone user, here’s a good excuse to try it out!

Please jump to our tutorial section for video and written versions of this release.
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