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RailClone Lite/Pro 2.0.3
« on: May 20, 2013, 01:13:46 PM »
We are pleased to announce a major update of RailClone, our parametric modelling plugin for 3DS Max. In this update, the plugin has been rewritten from scratch, introducing significant improvements over RailClone 1.x. These are only a few of them:

- Graphical Style Editor.
- Multiple Generators by object.
- Array generators, based on two splines or dimensions.
- Multiple Base Objects (splines) by object.
- Node Operators: Sequence, Randomize, Mirror, Arithmetic and others.
- Selectable segments according to spline properties, using Conditional operator.
- Segments by spline's material ID, using Generator->Limits or Conditional operator.
- Random material mode is much more flexible, using the Material operator.
- Area Clipping (include and exclude), using closed splines.
- New display mode: Points-cloud.
- Exported Parameters, lets you to parametrize models much more easily.
- Added Stadium seats to the Library (Bleachers category).
- Library items are improved for 2.x new features.
- Added support for Max 2014.

...and much more. See the demo reel, help reference and the new tutorials for more information.

Registered users of RailClone Pro can download the upgrade from the User Panel. The Lite version is freely available to download in our website.

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