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RailClone Lite/Pro 2.3 final
« on: July 09, 2014, 10:40:22 AM »

RailClone Lite/Pro 2.3.3

We’re proud to announce the release of RailClone 2.3. This update adds a number of powerful new features and improvements suggested by users, including the ability to project 1d and 2d arrays onto surfaces, controls to specify segment sizes in scene units, new features for beveling corner segments, and a significant upgrade to the 2d array generator to include corner inputs.. 

RailClone 2.3 is compatible with 3DS Max 2015, vertex alpha and illumination channels are now supported for improved interoperability with real time engines, plus many more performance improvements, features and fixes.

Full release notes:

  • Added support for Max 2015.
  • Conform to Surfaces.
    • Lets to conform the geometry to surface, following the Z axis of the RailClone object.
    • New type of object: Surface. Used to assign the surface object.
    • Added Surface slot to Linear and Array generators.
    • New Segment Parameter: "Deform>Align Y with Surface". Applicable only to L1S Generator, align the segment's Y axis with the surface's normal.
  • Added Fixed Size for Segment and Transform nodes. If greater than zero, fixes the size of a segment.
    • Added checkbox to enable "Fixed Size" in Transform operator.
  • Added Corner>Bevel Corner for Linear and A2S Generators.
    • Added Generator>Rules>Corner>BC Offset. Lets you to adjust the position of the Bevel Corner.
    • Added scale mode to the Fixed Size feature in Segment and Transform nodes.
  • Added Corner segment for Array Generators (Inner Corner slot).
    • Added Corner>"Fillet Radius" and "Align to Path" properties to A2S Generator.
  • Random node can use its own seed. If disabled, uses the global seed value.
  • Improved instancing efficiency when using stepped segments.
  • Added support of Vertex Alpha, and Vertex Illumination channels.
  • "Display>Adaptative>Degrade to" changed to "Boxes" as default mode.
  • Improved VRay render performance on many core machines.
  • Added Evenly>Reverse for all generators.
  • Display>Adaptative mode may degrade to Boxes or Pointscloud (default value). This selector is global for all RC objects.
  • Improved behaviour of A2S Generator>Evenly segments on Free mode.

  • Fixed stability issues with Thea Render/Corona Render/VRay RT.
  • Fixed geometry issues with clipping area when scene units is meters.
  • Fixed rare "Display limit exceeded" error with scale mode.
  • Fixed geometry errors using bevels and negative Y segment offsets.
  • Fixed crash on Conditional operator using "Material ID>Multiple of".
  • Fixed geometry differences between viewport and render when using high values of Segment>Transform.
  • Fixed crash turning on Generator>Reverse without a spline assigned.
  • Fixed bug that would change random values when editing a style.
  • Fixed: Display>Render settings were ignored with certain render engines.
  • Fixed error loading scenes which has been saved in computers without RailClone installed.
  • Fixed geometry error on A2S Generator using Spline Y and X Rotation.
  • Evenly rule doesn't modify type of line (Curve/Line) in the spline.
  • Arithmetic>Expression>XVertexAngle and XVertexAngle functions were switched.
  • Fixed geometry errors using bevels on closed splines.
  • Materials are properly displayed in the viewport when assigning library styles.
  • Fixed: Style Editor may disappear on certain multimonitor configurations.
  • A2S Generator>Clipping Area>Projection is forced to Z when using "Extend X/Y Size to Area".
  • Fixed rendering issue with VRay RT.
  • Fixed: closing Style Editor on dual monitors configurations would generate a rightclick event.
  • "Fixed Size" feature works properly with all alignment modes.
  • Fixed error of Conditional operator using "Multiple Of" and certain values (2.3.0b error).
  • Fixed: "Fillet Radius" modifies material ID on closed splines.
  • Fixed: Display->Build->Auto is ignored when modifying segments.
  • Fixed rare bug of "Flatten Stepped" with mirrored End segments.

See the full history of changes in the release notes.
Registered users of Forest Pack Pro can download the upgrade from the User Panel. The Lite version is freely available to download in our website.
Carlos Quintero
iToo Software