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RailClone Lite/Pro 2.4.7
« on: April 08, 2015, 12:33:03 PM »
We are proud to announce the release of RailClone 2.4 Lite and Pro. In addition to a powerful new UVW Xform Operator to edit and randomise UVW coordinates; a Count mode to specify a fixed number of evenly rows and columns;  the ability to add offsets to the start, end, top and bottom of generators;  box mapping of multiple channels; plus many more features and fixes, this release also adds a number of improvements focused on usability. Check out the main new features to get an overview of this release .

To help get up to speed with all the new features, please see our New Features tutorial.

In addition, to introduce core concepts and get new users up and running with RailClone as quickly as possible, we we have prepared a detailed guide to Getting Started with RailClone. 

RailClone Lite/Pro 2.4 Full Release Notes

RailClone 2.4.7

- Fixed rendering bug with V-Ray 2.

RailClone 2.4.6

New Features and Changes:

-Added Style Description. Lets you to see at a glance a general description of the style, base objects and parameters.
-Use Style Editor->Style->Edit Description to edit, and Style rollout->Help button to show description.
-Added Maxscript functions to get/set Style Description: $.railclone.getStyleDesc(), $.railclone.setStyleDesc("my style")
-Added UVW XForm operator to edit and randomise the tiling, offset and rotation of existing UVW map coordinates (*)
-UVW XForm->Random->Step Increment. Enables random values to increment in steps (for example rotation could be randomised between 0° and 360° in 90° steps).
- Added Export Attributes. This feature enables the exporting of numeric values from nodes, for example the size of a Segment. To use it: select Segment->Right Click->Export Attributes.
- Segment->Mapping accepts multiple map channels. Write them separated by spaces (*)
- Added Generator->Limits->Padding (Start/End for Linear, Left/Right/Top/Bottom for Arrays).
- Added two modes for Generator->Rules->Evenly: Distance and Count. Distance works as before, and Count creates a fixed number of elements.
- Exportable Parameters and Attributes are sorted by category.
- Added more exportable parameters to Segment and Transform nodes.
- Added Clear all to Export Parameters and Attributes.
- Improved conform to Surface for very large splines. Added parameter to define interpolation step: Style->Geometry->Surface Interpolation (5cm by default).
- Conditional->Vertex can be used with Default slot. It checks the latest vertex before the Default segment.
- Display->Use Geometry Shader is renamed to Use Instancing Engine.
- RailClone Tools->Instantiate copies User Properties, Object ID and wireframe color of the source object (when present).
- Added Segments Selector to Quad menu.
- Added warning message to General->Stats to inform of features not compatible with instancing.
- Installer supports multiple Max versions.
- Improved handling of multi threading. Also fixed rare crash on certain conditions.

(*) Segments using these features can be instanced only in V-Ray, though these operators can be used with all render engines and RailClone Tools when Display->Use Instancing Engine is off.
Style Editor:

- Multiple wiring support, selecting several nodes of the same type and dragging (e.g. to connect multiple Segments to a Randomize operator).
- Added Segment->Right Menu->Clone Multiple. Clones a Segment multiple times, using objects from the scene as source.
- Improved detection of hotspot for node wiring.
- Style Editor can be placed at left side on multi-monitor configurations.
- Randomize->Presence and Sequence->Counter parameters are available for exporting
- Auto rename of Parameters and Base Objects on wiring.
- Added result of Arithmetic->Expression on edit dialog.
- Wires can be dragged directly over a node, connecting them to a default slot depending of the wire's type.
- Dragging between nodes outputs swaps their links.
- All nodes include an On/Off exportable parameter. This parameter is independent of the clickable On/Off state.
- All boolean parameter are available for exporting.
- Clipboard file (rcclip.dat) is stored in a temporary folder.
- All numeric parameters within Style Editor now accepts two decimals.
- A2S Generator->Limit Mat.ID parameter can be exported.
- Fixed: nodes with multiple inputs were keeping empty slots after links deletion.
- Fix: added creation context menu for wires dragged from Clipping Area slots.
- Fix: Style Editor shortcuts would not work under certain conditions.


- The following styles has been completely redone, using the new RailClone features and improved materials
* Architecture->Exterior->Fences->Metal
* Architecture->Exterior->Fences->Vinyl
* Architecture->Interior->Railings
* Civil Engineering->Pavements->Curbs
* Civil Engineering->Pavements->Sidewalk


- Fixed: Value of Random node was generated before evaluating its exported parameters.
- Fixed bug of Evenly Segments when using Surface.
- Materials are not longer XRef'd when Override Material is off in the Library item properties.
- Fixed: Stepped segments are not instanced correctly on curved paths.
- Fixed padding of initial segment on closed paths when Bevel is off.
- Fixed behaviour of Generator->Adaptive/Scale/Count mode when using Transform operators.
- Fixed trimming of Generator->Limits->Padding on offset paths.
- Fixed updating of clipping areas when using nested RC objects.
- Fixed size now works properly with Generator->Scale/Adaptive/Count modes.
- Fixed behaviour of Fixed Size when Segment->Transform->Transform Affect Size is off.
- Fixed: Generator->Limit by ID uses a wrong range ([0..n-1] instead [1..n]) when parameter is exported.
- Fixed: in some cases the last segment of a linear generator would be skipped when using negative paddings.
- Fixed rendering of RC objects with modifiers in Corona Renderer.
- Fixed: Segment->Deform->Nest was applied always in V-Ray, regardless of the parameter value.
- Removed wrong warning when connecting Arithmetic node to Segment->Exported Attributes.
- Nodes with exported attributes are properly collapsed.
- Fixed behaviour of Segment->Flat Top/Bottom when pivot is not aligned to bottom.
- Fixed bug of Compose node when using Segment->Alignment different from Automatic.
- Removed isolated vertices on Generator->Clipping process.
- Fixed behaviour of Generator->Align to Path with Corner segments and closed splines.
- Position of panels in Style Editor is saved and restored properly.
- Fixed crash modifying objects assigned to a segment (Max 2010 and older).
- Removed limits from Generator->Fillet Radius.
- Vertex Color channel is generated only when needed.
- A2S Generator->Clipping->Rotation Z now works in local coordinates.
- Segments are updated when their referenced objects are converted to editable mesh.
- Generator->Clipping deletes isolated vertices.
- Fixed rare bug when using no Bend segments at Corners.
- Fixed rare bug with empty segments (see here for details).
- Fixed potential crashing bug moving cursor on viewports while render (V-Ray and Max 2015 only).
- Improved behaviour of Fixed Size with empty Segments.
- Segment->Mapping is aligned correctly when applying random scale.
- Clipping Area is properly updated when Generator is off.
- Fixed bug that would disable Start/End segments when using Base Object->Start/End limits.
- Fixed Style Editor disappearing problems on multi-monitor configurations.
- Fixed version checking in MR shader.
- Removed Mental Ray warnings when using IRay.

Registered users of RailClone Pro can download the upgrade from the User Panel.  Lite version is freely available to download in our website.
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