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Author Topic: RailClone Lite/Pro 3.0.8  (Read 12335 times)


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RailClone Lite/Pro 3.0.8
« on: August 14, 2017, 09:39:15 AM »
A new version of RailClone Lite and Pro is available.

RailClone 3.0.8

- Arithmetic->Expression fixes:
   * Pow operator (^) is evaluated from right to left.
   * "print" command didn't display the result if nodes's output is connected.
   * ">=" and "<=" operators in RC2 expressions are wrongly converted.
   * Evaluate action shows a warning if the RailClone object could not be built correctly.
- Fixed object corruption when importing duplicated materials from the library.
- Fixed: RailClone Color from map now computes UVW coordinates using the center of the segment's bounding box (RAILCLONE-712).
- Fixed geometry issues moving or transforming together a RC object and its clipping area.
- Fixed extra "Ramdom Rotation 2" entry in UVW XForm export parameters.
- Fixed crash using Display->Update on interactive rendering (both Corona and V-Ray).
   * Note: Usually Update action doesn't only rebuild the RailClone object, but also clears some caches and data used by the plugin.
   On interactive render, this step is omitted because may crash Max. Therefore, behaviour of Update action may be different in both cases.
- Slots connected to exported Attributes are renamed using correct prefix.
- Fixed: Randomize->Export Parameters is not updated when new nodes are connected.
- Fixed: Randomize->Presence has no effect is parameter is exported.
- Fixed: Generator->Z-Offset is not applied to Point-cloud.
- Fixed: Style Editor->Close tab closes all tabs to right, instead only the current one.
- Fixed creation context menu when connecting a numeric operator within a macro.
- Fixed: Nested RC objects may look different from viewport and render.
- Fixed: Macro On/Off has no effect.
- Fixed: Macros connected to expandable operators (as Randomize) creates duplicated links when edited (RAILCLONE-730).

Update Manager (

- Changelog is shown after updating packages.
- Fixed crashing bug when there are installed old versions of the plugins.
- Other fixes.

If you have any questions about this release, please let us know on the forums.

Carlos Quintero
iToo Software