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Author Topic: RailClone Pro 2.0.1 beta  (Read 3095 times)


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RailClone Pro 2.0.1 beta
« on: April 23, 2013, 06:03:13 PM »
Note: Beta versions include new features and fixes, but a beta version is NOT the final version of the product and therefore we not guarantee an absence of errors that may disrupt the computer's operation and/or result in data loss. Use it always at your own risk.

All customers of RailClone Pro can download the software from Client Area->Beta versions.
Be sure to read the Documentation, the Migrating from 1.x guide, and see the new Tutorials.
To post your opinions and report problems, please use the RailClone 2 Beta forum.

RailClone Pro 2.0.1 beta

- Added Max 2014 to the installer.
- Fixed crash in the Library Browser with Max 2014.
- Minor changes in the Library items.
- Material ID operator is visible in Point-cloud mode.
- The message error when the Y Spline is not valid is now more descriptive.
- Style->Geometry->Rotation parameter is removed.
- Fixed geometry issues in Array generator when using Bevel and Compose.
- Fixed alignment of zero sized segments when Bend is off.
- Fixed: geometry was rebuilt two times with each change in the Style Editor.

RailClone Pro 2.0.0 beta

This update introduces significate improvements over RailClone 1.x: graphical node editor, multiple generators by object, arrays, operators, base objects, exportable parameters and much more.

Carlos Quintero
iToo Software