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Forest Pack Lite/Pro 4.1.2
« on: September 23, 2013, 09:47:45 AM »
Note: Library presets on this version has been modified. If you have scenes created with Forest 4.0 that use presets on XRef mode, they may fail to load. This post describes a workaround for this issue.

Known issues: Forest Material doesn't work in VRay 3 if the Base Material is a Standard mat. Use Forest Material + VRayMtl instead. This should affect only to billboards scenes.

Forest Pack 4.1.2

- Density/Scale falloff and Boundary Checking for Surface areas (without creating an auxiliary spline).
- Added Surface->Randomize Stacked. Allow to randomize items that are aligned on the same XY position, along stacked surfaces.
- Added right-menu selector for Custom Objects, Surfaces and Areas.
- Added Display->Update All. Rebuilds all Forest objects.
- Added RGB Level for diffuse maps to Material Optimizer.
- Added support for VRay 3.0 beta (3.05.02 or greater).
- Added support for VRay 1.5 in Max 2013.
- Added Max 2014 to the installer.
- Increased limits of Transform->Translation.
- Forest Tools assigns Object ID from the Forest object to the instances.

- Added Preset materials for Octane and Thea Render.
- Some library models (daisy and white clover) were to big. They have been scaled to a more natural size.
- Added support for Laubwerk Plants catalog add-on (to be released soon).
- Right click on Creation Panel->Library button clears current selection.
- Presets now can use library materials. Each material of the preset is replaced by a material from the library with same name.
- XRef import is disabled by default for Preset models. This behaviour can be overriden editing manually the XML definition file (property xref=1).
- XRef materials always are merged in the scene, regardless of the Library Browser settings.
- The templates layer now keeps a single copy for each plant model. Scenes created with previous versions (from 4.0), are automatically optimized when saved with Forest 4.1.
- Fixed: error loading preset if exists in the scene a Forest object with same name as used in preset.
- Added support for labels and thumbnails at library level.


- Fixed major viewport slowdown when using animated VRay proxies.
  Note: By efficiency reasons, now Forest doesn't update automatically if you modify a Custom Object and this is animated. Use Display->Update to reload them.
- Point-cloud colors are gamma corrected.
- Point-cloud mode is suggested for Laubwerk objects.
- Fixed bug with nested Forests when inner object is on Custom Edit mode.
- Geometry->ID Color are properly updated after cloning.
- "Add Multiple" selectors (Custom Object/Area/Surface) now accept geometric objects created from splines.
- Fixed updating issue when two o more areas share a same spline or object.
- Fixed crashing bug using Tree Editor when object is empty ('F' icon).
- Fixed items rotation when using Forest in XRef scenes with "Bind" option.
- All Maxscript functions that have size as parameter, now accept zero to use the default item size (Custom Objects only).
- Uninstaller doesn't remove installed catalog add-ons.
- Fixed crash when assigning Custom Objects directly from the templates layer.
- Fixed crash using Octane material converter.

Registered users of Forest Pack Pro can download the upgrade from the User Panel. The Lite version is freely available to download in our website.

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