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RailClone Pro 3.0.1 beta
« on: April 04, 2017, 04:19:55 PM »
Note: Beta versions include new features and fixes, but a beta version is NOT the final version of the product and therefore we don't guarantee there won't be errors that may disrupt the computer's operation and/or result in data loss. Use it always at your own risk.

Registered users of RailClone Pro can download the upgrade from the User Panel->Beta versions. For any question about this release, please use the RailClone beta forum.

3.0.1 beta

        - Limit by ID can be used in Array generators when "Clipping->Extend X/Y Size to Area" is enabled.
            * In this way, the ID limit is aplied to the clipping spline, not to the base X/Y splines.
            * The ID of first spline's section is used for checking.
        - Fixed bug with Evenly segments on closed splines.
        - Linear Generator->Evenly->Sync Offset is disabled when using Count mode.
        - Fixed: Arithmetic->Expression->XSplineNextMatID doesn't work with Fillet Radius.
        - Library, Materials and Maps are moved to C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Local\Itoo Software\RailClone

3.0.0 beta

New Features

        - Added Macros. This feature allows you to create new nodes by creating sub-graphs. Macros to output numeric values, geometry, and generators are all possible.
             * A new Macro library panel is available in the Style Editor containing system and user generated macros
             * Create or edit a macro by selecting a Macro node, right-clicking and selecting Macro > Edit
             * Input nodes allow you to determine the base objects used by a macro. These will become the macros inputs.
             * Output nodes allow you to determine the type of output generated by a macro. Choose from segment or numeric.
             * 1 or more Generators can be added to a macro.
             * Several examples are included, and you can save, share and import your own macros as well as adding them to a user library for easy reuse.

        - New algorithm to align Linear Generator with planar and closed splines. It computes initial banking angle (X Rotation in Generator) so segment's Z axis is perpendicular
            to the plane formed by the first and last spline's segment. This method works much better when creating frames, windows, etc. (see Note 1)
        - Added "Auto Align" option to Array Generator->Extend X/Y Size mode. This option creates array aligned automatically with each sub-spline. This mode is very suitable for roof and panels.
                Two modes are available. For both modes Z axis is always perpendicular to the plane formed by the spline.
                    a) "X --> XY": X axis is parallel to the RailClone XY plane (considering local axis of the object).
                    b) "to Spline": X axis is aligned with first Spline's segment (you can use "Make first" vertex and "Reverse" spline to modify alignment).
        - Added Generator A2S->Clipping Area->Hierarchy Checking Mode. This options determines the way that RailClone processes stacked splines for Extend X/Y Size mode.
                * 'Complete' uses the original RC2 behaviour, stacked splines are alternatively include/exclude geometry
                * 'None' treats each spline as unique, overlapping or stacking splines has no effect
                * 'By Material ID' uses the material ID assigned to the splines to determine which belong to the same array.

        - Added RailClone Color:
                * Works similar to Forest Color, providing random textures and tint to each segment.
                * Compatible with V-Ray, Mental Ray and non-instanced geometry.
                * Number of maps is increased to 20 (instead of 10 for ForestColor).
                * In future Forest updates, ForestColor and RailClone Color will be interchangeable.
                * Added "Color Seed" to Transform node. If not zero, value is used as random seed for RailClone color

        - Continuous mapping feature (Segment->Mapping) is completely rewritten. Now it should generate correct mapping under all conditions.
                * Due to the changes introduced, mapping may look different from RC2.
                * Segment mapping from non-converted RC1 objects doesn't work anymore. You must convert these objects to RC3 format.
                * Origin of UV coordinates (U=0,V=0) is aligned with the base spline.
        - Added "UVW Offset" to Generators.
        - Added mode to Compose: 'In Sequence' or 'Grouped':
                * 'In Sequence' uses the default behaviour, following Segments in order.
                * 'Grouped' uses the first Segment as Main, which defines size and placement in the Generator sequence. Other segments are placed stacked in same position, according to their alignment settings.
                * Note: some advanced operations as Bevel Corner, are not compatible with Stack mode and can generate wrong results.
        - Added Style Linking. This feature lets you to link a RC object to other, so Style changes done on Master are dynamically reproduced on slave.
             * Update is done when Style Editor is closed, importing a Library Style or manually clicking the 'Update' button.
             * Optionally material is also copied from Master object.
             * Parameter values are copied from master as well, except those have been modified by the user. This mechanism works in same way than Library/Copy Style operations,
                    and the behavior can be modified from "General" settings.

        - Added 'Retain Value Mode' to Numeric parameters. It overrides behaviour for Retain value feature (used on Library, Copy Style and Style Linking procedures):
                * Auto: parameter value is retained if has been modified by the user.
                * Local: retain always value of local parameter.
                * Global: parameter is always overwritten, copying value from the master RC object.


        - Added support for V-Ray 3.5
        - 'Note' nodes have been rewritten. They are now resizeable, have user definable colours and can move child nodes.

        - Generator A2S->Limits and Padding are disabled when using Clipping Area->Extend X/Y Size
        - Added Y Spline mode to A2S Generator: defines what coordinates are used for the Y Spline: Y/Z or X/Y.
                * X/Y was the mode for RC2 objects. RC3 objects uses Y/Z mode by default, which is more logical.
        - Style->"Operate On" is changed to "Quad" by default.
        - More Generator parameters are available for exporting (specifically combo values).
        - Transform->Fixed Size is computed before applying other transformations (as Rotate or Scale).
        - Updated expressions engine to V3. Changes:
                * return <expression> ;
                * '=' changes to '=='
        - Added option to extract all Segments to the scene.

        - New dialog for Export Parameters/Attributes. It allows to change multiple parameters from multiple selected nodes (of same type).

        - Seed parameter now is animatable.
        - Added "Pivot Offset" to Transform node.
        - Added next properties to Arithmetic->Expression:
                    'XSplineNextMatID': Material ID of next X Spline's segment. With Corners, returns ID of segment AFTER the corner.
                    'YSplineNextMatID': Material ID of next Y Spline's segment.
                    'SegmentXRole'        : Role of current segment in a Linear Generator. Can be used also within a row of an Array (0 = Undefined, 1 = Default, 2 = Start, 3 = Corner, 4 = Evenly, 5 = End)
                    'SegmentYRole'        : Role of current segment in an Array Generator  (0 = Undefined, 1 = Default, 2 = Bottom, 3 = Corner (unused), 4 = Evenly, 5 = Top)
                    'XVertexIndex'          : (index of X spline's vertex)
                    'XEvenlyNumber'        : Number of Evenly positions on X path.
                    'YEvenlyNumber'        : Number of Evenly positions on Y path.
        - Modified the way that arrays are generated when using multiple splines. Previously rows were created using all splines (Row 1 of Spline 1, Row 1 of Spline 2, etc).
            Now one array is generated completely for each spline (Row 1 of Spline1, Row 2 of Spline 1, etc) allowing their row sizes to operate independently.

Other changes and Fixes

        - 3DS Max 2010/2011 are not longer supported.
        - Fixed: when creating a new node, dragging a category title to the canvas causes a crash
        - Fixed: Closed splines planar to XY would generate flipped objects.
        - Fixed: Conditional->Angle returns wrong angle for first vertex of closed splines.
        - Fixed: Surface modifies Material IDs of conformed spline.
        - Fixed issue with disabled Sequence operators and Bevels.
        - Fixed: Expression's 'print' statement doesn't print result.
        - Fixed: "X Spline Start" event was triggered for each array row (now only with the first one).
        - Fixed "SegmentXCounter" value for Start/End/Corner/Evenly segments. This is a separate counter from Default segments.
        - Expressions of RC2 using Trigonometric functions are converted to use Radians instead Degrees.
        - Fixed: Segments disappear on closed spline if Y Offset >= Generator Padding.
        - Fixed: 'Display Limit exceeded' is not shown as error in General rollup and Lister.
        - Fixed Generator->Z Offset issue when using Segment->Deform->Adaptive mode.
        - Fixed alignment of Y Evenly rows when applying Bottom Padding to A2S Generator.
        - Fixed erratic movement of Max objects when Style Editor is closed selecting other object.
        - Fixed missing Segment using Evenly on closed splines.
        - Style evaluation has been improved to remove redundancies and fix related bugs.
        - Fixed: Style Editor cannot close if Listener is open.
        - Fixed: Style Linking is applied to wrong objects, messing parameters and causing unexpected issues.
        - Fixed: In a cloned object, all parameters are initialized as 'unused', for the 'Retain Value Mode' feature.
        - Fixed crash when deselecting the RC object with the Expressions editor open.
        - Fixed minor bug with Scale mode and Bevels on straight splines.
        - $.createdVersion is not copied anymore from source objects, on Copy Style and Library operations.
        - Fixed alignment on Vertical/Stepped modes when Generator->X Rotation is greater than zero.
        - Fixed crash when connecting Arithmetic node using an empty expression.
        - Style Editor->Undo operations doesn't modify scene state (as position and zoom).
        - Fixed crash with dynamic geometry render and segments using TuboOptimizer modifier.

Note 1: To keep compatibility with previous scenes, this fix is applied only on new RC objects. If you want to "upgrade" your RC object so it works as created with the recent release, select it and run from Maxscript: $.railclone.resetCreatedVersion()

Note 2:
Due to changes included on this release, 'Random' and 'Randomize' nodes will generate different values on styles created with RC2. Please note this may affect the result, in case you need to render old scenes with RC3.
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