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RailClone Pro 4.0.5 beta
« on: August 23, 2019, 12:05:32 PM »
Note 1: Beta versions include new features and fixes, but a beta version is NOT the final version of the product and therefore we don't guarantee there won't be errors that may disrupt the computer's operation and/or result in data loss. Always use it at your own risk.

Note 2: RailClone 4 requires an updated license. The License Manager will update the license automatically while the installation process. If not, please check your license using the License Manager and complete the activation procedure as usual.
For Network licenses, it requires also an updated version of the License Server (1.4 or above). You can download it from the User Panel->Beta versions, together with the plugin.

Note 3: Please note that due to significant changes to the core, random values in RC4 are different from RC3, you may get different results from scenes rendered using RC3.
This Migrating to 4.x guide also will help you to understand the changes between RC3 and RC4, and adapt your styles if needed.

RailClone Pro 4.0.5 beta

- Transform node generates an empty segment when input is not connected and Fixed size is on.
   * This is specially useful to generate empty segments within macros.
- Fixed: Turning off a RCSpline modifier has no effect on RC object.
- Fixed: Quick mesh inverts the normals when a segment is mirrored.
   * To fix it, we had to disable instancing for these segments. That may have some impact on viewport performance.
- Fixed freezing bug using multiple RCSpline modifiers.

Style Editor

- Spline/Surface nodes receive the name of the object when assigned.
- Fixed bug with missing links on copy-paste operations within macros.

RailClone Pro 4.0.4 beta

- The following RC4 change has been reverted, because was causing problems with Compose->Groups:
   "Transformations now works as if the Segment's Pivot is translated and rotated with the Segment."
- Fixed crash deleting all polygons from an assigned Surface.
- To avoid instabilities, Library Browser cannot be open while Interactive Rendering is running.
- Fixed issues with RCSpline modifier and closed splines.
- When a marker is moved manually in RC Spline, the Reference mode is changed to 'Start'.

Style Editor

- Fixed colors for wires connected to some numeric nodes. (bug introduced in 4.0.3).
- Fixed linking and dropping issues with numeric parameters in macros
- Fixed rewiring between outputs of numeric operators and parameters in macros.

RailClone Pro 4.0.3 beta

- Fixed crashing bug with render nodes.
- Fixed bug on Expression Attributes when using multiple generators (bug introduced in 4.0.2).
- Fixed rare geometry bug with nested generators.

Style Editor:

- Colored wires according its type: Green: base objects, Orange: geometry, Yellow: numeric. Coloring can be disabled from Preferences.
- Improved wire connection with macros.
- Fixed: Drop linking doesn't work with Arithmetic nodes.
- Fixed: Arithmetic->Functions tree is not properly initialized.
- Fixed: dropping a node over a wire with multiple connections, inserts the node only on the first wire.

RailClone Pro 4.0.2 beta

RC Spline changes:

- User Data X/Y/Z is replaced by 9 customizable data fields.
- Values can be used from Expressions using "XMarkerData", "YMarkerData" attributes, as an zero based array (i.e. XMarkerData[0] to XMarkerData[8]).
- User Data fields are customized from the RailClone Style->"Base Objects"->"Customize RC Spline".
   * For each field, you can define the label and data type (Integer, Float or Scene Units).
   * It lets you to define multiple Data Set by style.
   * Once defined, Sets can be selected from the RC Spline->"Data Set" combo box.
   * Sets listed in the "Data Set" combo are collected for all RC objects which have the spline assigned as a Base Object.
   * Selected Set is applied to all Markers in the RC Spline modifier. If you need different Sets in a spline, apply a new RC Spline modifier.

Other fixes:

- Improved error handling on Copy/Paste operations.
- Fixed: Expressions->"ArrayCounter" is not incremented for arrays generated from Clipping splines.
- Fixed several issues with Macro On/Off parameter.
- Fixed: RC Spline->Transform Gizmo is moved just hovering the cursor over a Marker, instead selecting it.
- Fixed: General->Seed parameter is not animatable.
- Fixed crash setting Segment->Mapping->Map Channels over 99 (maximum value accepted by Max).

RailClone Pro 4.0.1 beta

See here all changes introduced on the first beta of RC4.

Registered users can download the upgrade from the User Panel->Beta versions. For any question about this release, please use the RailClone beta forum.

Carlos Quintero
iToo Software