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RailClone Pro 5.0.5 beta
« on: December 03, 2021, 09:43:47 AM »
Note 1: Beta versions include new features and fixes, but a beta version is NOT the final version of the product and therefore we don't guarantee there won't be errors that may disrupt the computer's operation and/or result in data loss. Always use it at your own risk.

RailClone 5.0.5 beta

- Added XSectionNumber/YSectionNumber to Expressions.
   * Number of sections in the spline. A section is the path between two Start, End, Corner, Evenly or Marker segments.
- Fixed issues with VRayCryptomatte and Multimatte.
- Fixed: colors generated by RailClone Color are different when using lights or meshes as Segment.
- Fixed: Flat Top/Bottom not working correctly with rotated segments and nested generators.
- Fixed lag renaming Segments/Base Objects/Parameters in Style Editor (a rebuild was triggered for each character change).
- Fixed: X Rotation/Banking doesn't work with Vertical/Stepped modes (broken in 5.0.3b).
- Fixed: RCSpline->Banking on arrays with multiple splines, is applied to wrong sub-splines.
- Added Minimize/Maximize buttons to Style Editor.

RailClone 5.0.4 beta

- RCSpline remembers 'Type' of selected item when adding new elements.
- Latest Display->Viewport mode is restored when disabling Proxy Cache mode.
- Added Proxy Cache mode to RailClone Lister.
   * For the first run, you must add it using the Lister 'Settings' button.
- RailClone Color can be used to tint lights in V-Ray.
- Added "Always Show Markers/Banking" option to RCSpline.
- Added XSectionCounter/YSectionCounter to Arithmetic->Expression.
   * Counter of the current section on X/Y Spline. A section is the path between two Start, End, Corner, Evenly or Marker segments. Starts in 0.
- Deform->Stepped mode now can be used together "Force Instance". Same for non-geometric Segments (as lights).
- Fixed: RailClone Color doesn't work in V-Ray (broken in RC 5.0.3b).
- Fixed: Enabling Proxy Cache mode from Maxscript triggers a file save dialog.
- Fixed: XEvenlyNumber always returns zero.
- Fixed: RailClone Lister displays a wrong status text.

RailClone 5.0.3 beta

- Fixed: Expression->XMarkerData value is not always correct when using Clipping areas.
- Non-geometric Segments (as lights) cannot be embedded anymore. They require an object in the scene.
- Fixed issues with Display->Proxy Cache using external file.
- Improved result of 'print' command in Expressions (I.e. 'print XSplineLenght' now returns the right value).
- Fixed: In rare cases, segments generated by RailClone Tools->Instantiate are not in their correct positon.
- Fixed: Empty Transform operator doesn't behaviour as empty segment for Evenly/Marker.
- Fixed: In some specific styles, Vertical/Stepped segments are not vertically straight.
- Fixed issues with Macros and animated Base Objects/Segments.
- Fixed crash loading scene on Chinese localized Windows.
- Fixed: Segment->Deform->Flat mode doesn't work on Arrays.
- Fixed: When using Y Offset, RCSpline->Markers->Spline number is ignored, using always zero.
- Fixed: When editing Segment/Parameter name, the cursor jumps to the end.
- Fixed: SegmentXRole/SegmentYRole attributes are not correct for initial Corner segment in Top/Bottom row of Arrays, when used on closed splines.
- Fixed: Selector->"X Spline Marker ID" returns value incremented by one. Same for Y Marker.
- Fixed UVW issues on sliced segments when using Segment Mapping and nested generators.
- Display->Max Segments/Faces can be set to 0 to disable all limits.

RailClone 5.0.2 beta

- Added compatibility with Arnold 7.
   * Previous Arnold versions are not longer supported. You can upgrade to the latest release from here: (Arnold for 3DS Max)
   * When RailClone is not compatible with current Arnold version, a warning message will be displayed.
- Generator->"Limit by Material ID" now is a text input, accepting single values, ranges and multiple entries separated by commas. For example: "1,3,5-8".
- Fixed crash rendering with Arnold and Display->Proxy Cache enabled.
- Fixed freeze after first frame, when rendering multiple frames in Arnold.
- Fixed: Banking is handled globally, instead by sub-spline.
- Added expression attribute 'XSplineXRotation': rotation angle along the spline for current segment (-PI to PI radians). Includes Generator->X Rotation and banking.

RailClone 5.0.1 beta

- Added native light instancing for V-Ray. It requires latest V-Ray 5.1 nightly builds.
   * RailClone Color is not supported on lights yet.
- Added Banking control to RCSpline:
   * It lets you to adjust the banking angle along the spline. Basically it works as Generator->X Rotation, but at multiple spline positions.
   * Banking points can be adjusted interactively on viewport, or modifying their parameters in the rollout (Percent / Angle).
   * When using multiple RCSPline modifiers, the Banking modifier can be selected at Generator->Rules->Banking->Modifier. Setting it to 0 disables banking.
   * Banking Angle can be forced for a specific segment, using a Transform operator at Deform->"Override Banking".
   * Banking Smoothness can be adjusted with Generator->Banking->Smoothness (0 = linear).
   * Angle can be any value (greater than 360), but there is a limitation of -180/180 using the gizmo. You can overcome it dragging the gizmo multiple times.
- Added XSplineXDirection, XSplineYDirection, XSplineZDirection attributes to expressions. Return direction vectors along spline for current segment. Includes Generator->"X Rotation" and Banking.
-   Fixed Sequence operator in Evenly input when used with Null segments.
- Improved detection of planar splines in linear generator.
- Fixed: Marker data always returns zero in expressions, when Generator parameters are evaluated.
- Markers are evaluated for Clipping Splines. User Data is available for expressions in XMarkerData.
- When using Groups/Nested Generators and Slice is disabled, clipping is applied to the full group, instead to each individual segment.
- Improved tangent alignment on curved splines (i.e for radial arrays).
- Fixed: in rare cases, segments along a linear spline may get different banking angles.
- Fixed wrong Marker position on multiple generators limited by Material ID.
   * In RC4, spline sections which don't match the material ID were deleted from spline, causing this issue. Instead, in RC5 these spline sections are just skipped in the RailClone construction.
   * Please note this would generate different result on Expressions using spline attributes (as XSplineLenght), or other features.
- Improved position of new Markers/Banking points, when created interactively on viewport.
- Fixed: Render nodes using "3dsmaxbatch.exe" (as Royal Render) cannot run without a license.
- Fixed crash using "Clone Multiple" on empty Segments.

Fixes specific of latest RC5 beta:

- Fixed behaviour of Groups Pivots.
- The viewport display for Proxy Cache is limited to Boxes / Quick Mesh.
- Fixed crash using Proxy Cache as segment in other RC object.
   * Anyway to make it work correctly, you must disable Display->"Use Instancing Engine", before enabling Proxy Cache.

RailClone 5.0.0 beta

New features and changes:

- Added support of 3DS Max groups in Segments.
   * To assign a group, use Selector by Name. It's not possible to pick a group directly from scene.
   * Groups cannot be 'embedded' within the RC object. When a Group is deleted from scene, it's removed from RailClone as well.

- Added experimental support for non-geometric objects (including lights).
   * Currently there is no native support for any renderer. As a workaround, objects are inserted in the scene before rendering, and removed once completed.
   * Size of some non-geometric objects may not be reliable or change depending on the active viewport. If that affects to your style, we suggest to use the "Fixed Size" feature.
   * Non-geometric segments are displayed in the viewport with the Material ID defined by Display->"Non-geom Mat.ID"

- Added Display->"Proxy Cache" mode. It lets you bake a RailClone object into the scene or an external file.
   * Baked objects load and render much faster, because RailClone doesn't rebuild them. This is especially interesting for complex styles.
   * A baked object cannot be modified or edited. If you want to change it, set Proxy mode to 'Disable', make the changes and bake it again.
   * Size of Proxy Cache depends of the object complexity, including number of segments and its geometry. You can check proxy size from the Display rollout.
   * Proxy Cache is available for RailClone Pro only.
   * Several limitations apply:
      - The viewport display is limited to the mode that was active when the proxy was created. Note that this does not affect the render.
      - 'Material by Segment' and non-geometric objects are supported in Embedded mode only.
      - Result may be different depending of the active render engine, when Proxy was generated. If you change the renderer, we suggest regenerating the Proxy.
   * Proxy Cache can be managed from Maxscript using $.setProxyMode <mode> <externalFile>
      - For Disabled, use $.setProxyMode 0 "". It returns an empty string.
      - For Embedded, use $.setProxyMode 1 "". It returns proxy's size.
      - For External, use $.setProxyMode 2 "proxyFileName.rcproxy". It creates and saves the proxy (overriding the file if exists), and returns a description error when failed.

- Added modifier modes to Generator->Evenly->Adaptive: Even, Odd and Any.

- Added Segment->Deform->"Force Instance". When enabled, a Segment is always instanced on rendering.
   * Instanced segments cannot be bent or sliced, and Z Deform is restricted as well.

- Added a new type of Numeric Parameter: Selector.
   * Parameter is selected from a list of predefined items, which are shown in Max rollout using a combo list.
   * Each item has an associated float value, which is returned as the parameter's output. It can be cast as an integer as well.

- Vertex Weld is removed.
   * This feature was introduced in the initial RC releases. It no longer has any sense, because is not efficient with complex styles and breaks instancing.
   * If needed, use a standard Weld modifier instead.

Other fixes:

- Improved slicing accuracy for Segments placed near edges of a Clipping Area.
- Fixed potential crash on RailClone Stats.
- Fixed potential crashing bug using Display->"Quick Mesh" mode.
- Fixed: Styles with multiple dependencies between Segments (as Exported Parameters linked to Exported Attribues), are not built correctly with Display->Update.
- Fixed: RCSpline Data Sets are only available to the first spline in the Base Objects list.
- Fixed: RCSpline User Data (Scene Units) not scaling correctly with System Unit change.
- Fixed crash initializing plugin when RailClone registry key doesn't exist.
- Fixed: Configuration Environment Variables aren't prioritized over HKLM / HKCU.

Style Editor

- Added full support for non-ascii characters (as Chinese).

Registered users can download the upgrade from the User Panel->Beta versions. For any question about this release, please use the RailClone beta forum.

Carlos Quintero
iToo Software