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Author Topic: RailClone Pro 5.2.0 beta  (Read 2958 times)


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RailClone Pro 5.2.0 beta
« on: April 22, 2022, 09:16:01 AM »
Note 1: Beta versions include new features and fixes, but a beta version is NOT the final version of the product and therefore we don't guarantee there won't be errors that may disrupt the computer's operation and/or result in data loss. Always use it at your own risk.

RailClone 5.2.0 beta

- Added support for 3DS Max 2023.
- Added support for Arnold 7.1 (MaxToA 5.2 and greater).
   * Previous Arnold versions are not longer supported. You can upgrade to the latest release from here: (Arnold for 3DS Max)
- For 3DS Max 2022 and above, plugin is installed at C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\ApplicationPlugins, using the latest package format for plugins.
- Added new field for RailClone Lister: Build Time.
   * By default this field is hidden. You must add it from the Lister configuration.
- Removed double-click behaviour for RailClone Lister->Name field, which should rename the object, because it was not working well. Now it just selects the object.
- Dynamic Geometry for V-Ray is disabled. It was causing rendering slowndown in some scenes.
   * This feature lets RC to compute segments dynamically while rendering.
- Added Deform->"Slope Fixing" to Transform operator.
- Fixed wrong input order when using nested Sequence operators on Y mode.
- Fixed: Nested RailClone objects generates different result in viewport and render when using Arnold Renderer.
- Fixed: RailClone Tools doesn't apply Segment->Mapping and UVW XForm.
- Fixed: Library doesn't import Segments using XRef objects.
- Fixed "Limits Exceeded" error with a specific combination of Bottom Padding and Y fixed.
- Fixed issue using Bevel Corner with Vertical or Stepped mode.
- Fixed: Compose->Group and nested generators don't inherit Deform options from their segments.
- Fixed: L1S generator builds at world origin (instead at RC origin), when using X Size mode.
- Fixed: Marker data is taken only for the first sub-spline in arrays.
- Fixed: Marker data is lost when filtering generator by Material ID.
- Fixed crash copying style from a RC object without segments.
Registered users can download the upgrade from the User Panel->Beta versions. For any question about this release, please use the RailClone beta forum.

Carlos Quintero
iToo Software