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Author Topic: New Tutorial: Creating Kitchens with RailClone  (Read 3004 times)

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New Tutorial: Creating Kitchens with RailClone
« on: July 01, 2016, 10:43:39 AM »

The text version of this tutorial can be found here.

‘Creating Kitchens with RailClone’ is our latest Tips & Tricks instalment for RailClone Pro. In this new tutorial we illustrate how to make a flexible and reusable kitchen cupboard style that includes adjustable worktops, plinths, cabinets, doors, and handles.

The tutorial is split into two parts. In the first section aimed at beginner/intermediate users,  we illustrate how to use the free pre-built preset included in the exercise files. This style allows you to create kitchen cabinets by choosing from several door types and heights based on the material id assigned to a spline section, changing the hanging direction, adjusting the depth of the cabinets and the height and offset of the plinth, adding padding to the doors and choosing if they’re inset, partial or full overlay type, and more!

This style is ideal for quickly creating kitchen layouts and best of all it’s easy to reuse, so you’ll be able to swap the geometry and repurpose it for any new kitchen of other types of cupboards that you want to create.

In the second half, aimed at advanced users, we'll take a closer look at how to create a sophisticated preset like this from scratch, with a focus on logically breaking down a style into several separate but connected generators - a common approach for more complex styles.

Please jump to our tutorials section to get more info.
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