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Installing RailClone 3 assets in render nodes


How can install RailClone 3 assets in multiple computers, without download it each time using Update Manager ?

From RailClone 3.0, libraries and maps only can be downloaded using the Update Manager tool.

To install the assets in multiple computers (as render nodes), there are several methods available as: running Update Manager online, offline, unattended and copying the files manually.
Please take a look to this document. All procedures are described there.

Said that, in RailClone the only files required by render nodes are the maps. All other assets are embedded in the scene.
So, you only need to copy the textures (locally or in a shared path), as done normally with Max scenes.

When using Update Manager, textures are installed here: C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Itoo Software\RailClone Pro\maps. You can copy them from there.

We written the above document as a general guide for Update Manager, because it will be used for all our plugins in the future.
For example, in Forest Pack other files are required in the nodes (as XRef'd libraries), not only maps.

Update: we have defined an additional method to store assets in a network path. See here for details.


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