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Forest 4.1: XRef error loading scenes that uses 4.0 Presets


In Forest 4.1 we have changed the format of Library Presets, modifying the scale of some elements and moving all materials to a library. If you have scenes that uses Presets of Forest 4.0 on XRef mode, you will get a XRef error opening them with 4.1, because the XRef'd scene has changed . Use the following procedure to fix it:

- Reinstall Forest Pack Pro 4.0.3 (you can get it from Client Area->Previous versions).
- Make a copy of C:\Program Files (x86)\Itoo Software\Forest Pack Pro\lib\Presets to a separate folder (i.e. to C:\fp40presets).
- Reinstall Forest Pack Pro 4.1.
- Open the scene. In the "Missing XRefs" dialog message, click "Browse" button.
- Click "Add". Select the folder c:\fp40presets, and turn on the "Add subpaths" checkbox.
- You can remove the "thumbnails" folders from the paths, they are not needed.

Optionally, you can remove the XRef references, merging the Presets in the scene. In the following way:

- Open Main Menu->References->XRef Objects.
- Select the Preset scenes (as _fp_standard_common_grass01.max)
- Click "Merge in Scene".

Starting from Forest 4.2, XRef mode is disabled for Presets, so they are always merged in the scene.


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