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I get the "Forest Pack requires un updated license." message


Michal KarmazĂ­n:
After renewing the maintenance plan, the "local copy of the license file" should be synchronized with our server to update the license.
To do so, please open the License Manager and click on Add... button and paste the corresponding key. This will update it and should fix your issue.

Feel free to reuse the license code you received with the software, it's valid forever (the code remains the same all the time).
Also, any time needed you can use the Resend keys button under User Panel - My Licenses.

Also, take in mind, that in case of the Network licenses, since the server assigns the licenses randomly from the available pool, regardless of its maintenance plan state, you can get this error if licenses with an expired and active maintenance plan are mixed on the License Server.
As general rule, be sure all licenses installed in the server have their maintenance plan active.


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