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Merging presets as XRef to library


A time ago we've decided to disable XRef for all bundled presets.

There is a good reason for that: in this way we can modify these presets (i.e. optimize them, update materials, etc), while keeping the compatibility with existing scenes.
If it was XRef`ed, thr same scene would look differently depending of the library download date.

Anyway, you can enable the XRef option easily, editing the index.xml (in the library folder - by default under %localappdata%\Itoo Software\Forest Pack Pro\lib\Presets ) and setting xref="1" in the second line (it is set to 0 by default).
Instead of modifying default libraries, we suggest you create a copy in the User's Libraries branch and edit it. If not, all changes will be overwritten by the Update Manager updates.

To simplify and speedup XML file editing You can automate that using attached script file. Save script to "Presets_xref" folder and run it with PowerShell:

After that You can XRef presets to Your scenes:


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