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3DS Max error 'UNHANDLED EXCEPTION: Updating render lights'


Hi guys, new Forrest Pack user here - looking for some help if poss.

I'm getting the following error when I try render Forrest Pack Lite assets in VRay (see attached):
'VRay exception. UNHANDLED EXCEPTION: Updating render lights. Last marker is at ./src/vrenderlight.cpp, line 662: Preparing lights (ArchModels_68_029_obj_034)'

I downloaded the latest version of Forrest Pack from this site. I'm using 3DS 2018 with VRay Adv 3.60.03.

I've done some Googling and searching on this forum and from what I gather this usually happens when you're using an older version of VRay and seen people say that updating their VRay version fixed the issue. Updating VRay isn't really what I want to do right now, so I was there another solution other than updating VRay? I.e. using an older version of Forrest Pack Lite instead (if so where would I get this from). Or could it be something else causing the problem?

I tried reducing the amount of grass in my scene to minimum density, to try rule out whether this is a memory thing, but the problem still persists. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Paul Roberts:

This does indeed sound like an issue between Forest Pack and an older unsupported version of V-Ray. Unfortunately, we don't have older Lite versions available to download. V-Ray 3.60.3 also appears to be unavailable from Chaos Group so we can't test against it either I'm afraid. I have some tests with V-Ray 3.60.5 and it seems to be working OK.

Another thing I would check is to ensure that none of the models have any unsupported shaders, especially old Mental Ray Shaders or Sttributes which might cause some crashing issues in older V-Ray and Forest Pack combinations.



Thanks Paul,

Figured that may be the case. I'm going to have to update VRay sooner or later anyway so dare say I'll be back to give this another shot at some point. If I by any chance find a different solution with my current set up, I'll update this post.


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