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Edge mode not working with Corona

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Paul Roberts:
Could you share the FP Object with me? It'd make it easier to diagnose. Please feel free to email it to


Paul Roberts:
Thanks for sending in the file. I've been able to isolate the problem, it would appear that using a Distribution > Density > Rotation value of anything except 0 affects the edge mode feature.

I'll pass this on to the development team, but in the meantime, setting the value to 0 should fix it.

I hope that helps,

domxxe 95:
Thank you so much, yes it did resolve it. Ha, I don't even know how I ended up changing this value since default FP object has this parameter set to 0.
Again, thank you very much for the assist.

Best regards,


Paul Roberts:
Great! Glad that helped. Thanks again for reporting it



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