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Edge mode not working with Corona

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domxxe 95:
Hello, there is an issue when trying to use Edge mode with corona to scatter grass. ForestEdge is applied in Opacity slot, using spline area, grass made of multiple small mesh models (there is no opacity map, the grass is physical). Forest Pack still doesn't bother going near the edge, and treats it like its Size mode.  :( :( :( . Any sugggestions ? (I'm pretty sure I might have messed some setting by accident)

Paul Roberts:
Sorry to hear you have an issue. Is the grass object one from our library or something else? If it's not one of ours, is it a nested Forest object?


domxxe 95:
Yes it's nested object. The grass is made up from 4 different patches, each patch is a single poly object with many mesh elements.

Paul Roberts:
Thanks - I'll see if I can reproduce the issue here.

- Paul

domxxe 95:
It does work with other grasses we bought from 3dSky and Nouvelle Mesure Lab. Problem is they already come with FP assembly so its hard to identify what is the difference in their FP object VS one I assembled.


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