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Hi there, I'm having trouble rendering color lights, i'm using ForestColor in the vraylight plane in order to have random variations, rendering on IPR sometimes its ok, but other time I have to make an adjustment in order to get the color variation, while in production I cannot use it, all lights are in 1 color.

Im using ForestPack lite 7.3.1 on 3ds Max 2022.3 with Vray 5.2.2

Paul Roberts:

If I'm not mistaken you also have a license of Forest Pack Pro - do you get the same issues?


Hi Paul, thanks for answering, yeah I have a ForestPack Pro license, I forgot to mention the whole case, Im recording some tutorials to update my ArchViz Course and Im using the latest version for FPLite 7.3.1 to use Groups and Lights, I didnt check those when reporting the Cryptomatte detail.

So I did some tests in different versions and these are the results in Pro version:

FP 7.1.2 color Lights renders ok with IPR and Production
FP 7.3.1 color Lights sometimes renders ok with IPR but not in Production
FP 7.4.0b color Lights renders ok with IPR and Production

So I think that Im gonna stick with FP 7.4 Beta in order to migrate to 3ds Max 2023, with this version groups and lights are ok and Ill just wait a little while for the Cryptomatte solution.

Here its the scene in Max 2022 if needed


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