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Forest Pack ghosting when using Corona DR


Hello. I've asked this question on the Corona forum but got no answer. We are using 3ds max 2023 + Corona 10 HF2 + FP. We started encountering a strange bug when using DR. There is a weird ghosting effect with Forest objects (screenshots attached). When rendering the scene on each machine individually, forests look the same, no shifting. It happens in all scenes with almost every forest. There's no such issue when rendering animations with Deadline.

Fixes we tried so far:
-Checking versions of FP on all nodes
-Double checking asset files not being lost on all machines
-Switching forest objects into custom edit mode
-Trying to find out which machine sends wrong passes. Turned out it happens on any combination of master and slave nodes.

Nothing helped.

Michal KarmazĂ­n:

I'm sorry to hear that you're facing these troubles. You mentioned that using the Custom Edit mode didn't help. Therefore, please do a quick test using Forest Tools and "Instantiate" it to see if there's any difference. You can find it under Utilities - More ... - Forest Tools. This way, you can check whether the problem happens during Forest object conversion or not. Thanks in advance for any further comments on this issue.

Best regards,

'Instantiate" helps. Once done, everything is rendered perfectly.
I noticed another detail: if I move all forests icons to zero coordinates, ghosting patterns change, but the problem persists

It's a strange issue, because in Custom Edit mode all items are placed at fixed positions.
Please, send us a simplificated scene to do some tests here. We only need the Forest objects and their dependences (surfaces, etc.).


Also please include in the message some identification about your Forest Pro licenses.
Checking your account, we see you have RailClone licenses, but not Forest.



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