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Author Topic: Forest Problem when storing a Forest Preset with scattering simple plans and mat  (Read 3429 times)


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Hi there,

First of all, I don't understand why I can't post anymore in the Forest Pro forum despite of my itoo registered license. Please can a Moderator helping me with that ?

Second, I encounter a problem when I store a forest preset that I made and that works good in my Forest Library.
My Forest preset is simple : I want to scatter simple plans with different mats on it, randomly. Each material is a diffuse slot of a people cutout, with an black and with image in the opacity slot.
For this I created a Forest object where 1 geometry item is a custom object linked to a simple plan, and a custom mat wich is a diffuse + an opacity slot.
All other geometry items are also customs objects linked to this same plan, and then each one as his Mat.

Here is some screenshot from the geometry list and the Material Browser :

Here is the final result, wich is what I achieve and wich is satisfiying :

So this solution works fine in my scene, but when I store it in my Forest Libraby, and calls this forest preset in a new scene, the geometry works only for the first object. All the others geomtry items aren't linked anymore with the simple plan used to be scattered.
Maybe is there a better solution to scatter just 1 geometry item (a simple plan) and randomly attribute a multi/mat per forest item or instance ?

Can anybody explain my with this doesn't work when I call this Forest in a new scene from my library ?

Thanks to all of you.


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I have fixed the first issue.

Regarding second please contact us using this form and attaching Your files so we can replicate it. If files are large please use wetransfer of similar file sharing service.



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Thanks Rokas, I just send the scene using the form.