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Title: Instances
Post by: Arkitec on July 30, 2010, 09:25:14 PM
Good Afternoon.

Just wanted to say I love the plugin.... First time post.

I am currently working on a site plan. Between the parking spaces I have landscaped islands.  I have several forest tree billboard objects with different probabilites etc in the geomtry rollout... ie. variety of plant types and a single tree. I have gone ahead and greated a group of the objects.

They are all set to auto assign to active view. However,  when i go to my camera view they dont align.... Is this because they are instanced?

It would be nice since they are the same size island and I need to same exact plant variety to be able to do this instead of recreating 50 of these...

Am I making any sense? Any suggestions?

Thank you,

Title: Re: Instances
Post by: iToo on July 30, 2010, 09:51:44 PM
Yes, that's the problem. The instances don't work well for billboards, because each item must have its own alignment to face to camera.

Do you need only the same variety of plants by island, or also the same exact positions ?  If the positions are not important, the best solution would be to create a single Forest object, assigning an unique spline with all the islands attached.