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Is it possible to set all selected forest items Render mode to proxy by script?

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It is the same for both Lite and Pro versions.
For selected ForestPack object the command is:
$.rmesh = 1 -- default is 0 which means render Mesh geometry.
You can combine it with specific Proxy representation of Your choice
$.type = 3 -- number from 0 to 5

What number to use You can reference this chart:

So full command to perform this setting on multiple selected Forest objects is:

--- Quote ---for each in selection do (each.rmesh = 1 ; each.rtype = 1)
--- End quote ---

Hope this solves it for You.

There is a UI glitch that "rtype" selection is not updated if it was changed via maxscript. Reselect the object and it will be updated.

Thank you very much!

Thanks for your understanding.


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