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Nothing showing in create panel (VIZ 2008)


Hi All

This looks like a great plugin- if I could get it to work. The plugins show up in the plugin manager but there is nothing showing in the create panel (no itoo software or forest or anything like that) - have been through the forum and can't seem to find an answer but it is probably something simple?

Thanks in advance

as soon as I posted it started working...but now I get the can not read forest cfg, have re-downloaded the plug in and copied several times but still no joy, is it just a case of keeping doing this until it works?


Most of times, that is a rights problem of the the installer when copying the files to 'Documents and Settings'. Please, try to install Forest manually following our FAQ:

We are using a new folder structure and rewriting the installer for Forest 3.0, to solve these type of problems.

may thanks for the quick reply and the info. Seems to be working now I hadn't realised the cfg folder was user local and not in the root. Thanks


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