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Problem with grass preset, weird vertical artifact generated


Hello, I am a paying customer of forest pack and rail clone, but somehow I am not allowed to post in the pro section, please support me as soon as possible.

My problem is that when I apply a grass preset to a specific geometry, it creates super weird vertical artifacts, as described in the picture attached. I have no idea how to solve this!


Michal KarmazĂ­n:
Hi Lucia,

First, let me mention that to post on any of the "Pro" boards (marked For registered customers only) of our forum or download attachments, you need to be logged in with user credentials linked to a "Pro" license. If needed, you can associate any forum account with the "Pro" license account under User Panel - Forum - Forum Accounts. However, I have just granted "Pro" permissions to your forum account "Lucia", so you now have full access to the Pro boards and should be able to post and download content from these.

It might be that the surface is "scaled." When using any "scaled surface(s)," Forest will inherit this scale (which isn't always desirable like in your case). If so, to fix it, you can simply set the Forest scale back to 100%.

Let me mention that sometimes, when there are "vertical polygons" within the used object, the projection might not give the correct results needed for this mode. A recommendable way would be to detach a copy of the "top" polygons and use that surface.

If you have any further troubles with it, please feel free to send us your scene, and we'll check it here. Thank you in advance.

Best regards,

Thank you!


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