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Rendering with V-Ray GPU being stopped because of dynamic geometry limit


Hey guys,
I am using FP @ 3Ds Max at work and I have searched for this issue a few times now, but never found a result. I hope you guys can give me a simple solution for this:
Whenever I use FP with V-Ray GPU, the dynamic geometry size gets stacked up, when I switch out the XRef's, and even after I delete literally EVERTHING in the scene, except the plane and a lightsource, and press render, it gets canceled, because the VRAM is full (using a RTX 2080ti) - and when I look for the details, I see that the dynamic geometry is like 10gb big. I checked that all the XRefs are deleted, no FP in the scene, just a simple plane, camera, light. It just works when I save selected and renew the document. But I don't wanna make a new file evertime it hits the limit of my VRAM. To finish my project I had to switch to CPU, and here everthing works fine, the issue only appears at GPU. When I try to render in buckets instead of progressive, Max crashes.
I know the tips from V-Ray (, and I also have worked with FP now for a few years, so i know how to handle large scaled scenes, but i never solved the issue with the ghostly dynamic geometry objects - I hope you guys can help me here.

best regards

Paul Roberts:
Hi PlayRaze

Thanks for getting in touch. I'm afraid that when it comes to V-Ray GPU we have very little control because the integration was developed by Chaos themselves using our API. I would recommend contacting Chaos support with this question. If there's anything else we can do to help out though, please let me know.

Thanks for understanding,


faced the same kinda issues, resolved now 9xflix


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