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The 'area selection' rollout didn,t change


Hey everybody,

I am really excited about there being a plugin that can build such savage scene effects. I downloaded the forestLite plugin and started up the forest tutorial part1 but when i got to the part where the "Forest will ask a spline, pick the rectangle in the viewport", I created one and selected it but the 'area selection' rollout didn,t change to anything other than "pick a closed spline to define etc" i missing something ridiculously obvious?? coz i used the key shortcut "h" to select the rectangle and any ideas??



After clicking the spline, go to the Modify panel to change the Forest attributes. Max has some limitations to show all parameters in the Creation panel, so we have restricted this windows to create the base object only.

so it was ridiculously obvious ::) it goin now..looks class  ;D


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