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Wind in the trees?

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I'd like to animate the 3D meshe trees of a FP forest.
If it was meshes could just use a "volume select" + a "noise space warp" in order to slightly move the highest part of the trees.
How to do that? Actually when I put a "Vol select" on top of a FP object everything disappears because it's not meshe.
So I read somewhere to go to Display/mode/meshe but doing this also make the FP object disappear.

How to make FP object a meshe?
How to use deformation on FP object?

Thanks for any helps.
Max 2017 + FPpro 5.4.1 + Redshift 2.5.50

animate individual tree object, not forest pack object forest full of trees.

Do you mean it is impossible?

animated one tree:

animated forest (+some grass for better composition):

Thks for the answers Rokas.

I understand the tree's meshe can be animated?
(sorry it's my very first FP project)

But is there a way to put a modifier on top of a whole forest object?
In fact my idea is a bit more complex than a simple wind:
I want to deform some trees localy as if - for example - a helicopter was landing and then bending some trees in a defined area under it.


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