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Author Topic: 2D vs 3D, what's included with Pro, Confused!  (Read 1641 times)


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2D vs 3D, what's included with Pro, Confused!
« on: September 22, 2012, 04:03:57 PM »
Just got the Pro version but a bit confused:

1. The 3D tree library only consists of what was already included with the Lite version.  Is this correct?  Seems like with Pro I'd get a few more true 3Ds..?

2. Not sure at all how the 2D trees are supposed to work.

When I go and select something like Black Pine from the 2D library, then pick my spline, the type that's a default is Template / One Plane.  Nothing shows up in my scene - merely + marks for tree locations?

Selecting Two Planes gives me objects in my viewer, but the entire cluster of trees is OFFSET from my spline about 280feet!?!?!  Can't figure out why it's doing that.  HELP.  When I then set the width to '0' it will locate the tree cluster properly, but of course the trees no longer show up because they don't have any width.  lol.

Selecting simple 3D trees of course only produces skinny/thin looking trees because the planes are probably compressed?  Not sure how this mode is supposed to work.

3. If the 2D trees use opacity maps, isn't that going to significantly increase rendertimes over 3D?

I'm really quite pleased with this software, but must say I'm very disappointed that the Pro version contains no additional trees and NO shrubs.  Am I missing something?



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Re: 2D vs 3D, what's included with Pro, Confused!
« Reply #1 on: September 22, 2012, 05:35:57 PM »

1) That's it, the 3D tree models are sold separately. Unfortunately, we could not include a full library in the Pro package, without increasing the current price.

Anyway, we are working to include in the next updates a basic set of plants (basically grass and flowers). The models will be included ready-to-use, so our customers can create basic distributions with a single click.

2) Please, upload a test scene to check it. The billboards seems to work correctly here, using the default settings.

3) Forest includes a custom Mental Ray specifically designed for billboards. It improves significatively the render performance. The shader is enabled by default in "Forest Material" (the suggested material for billboards).

For other renderers, an useful tip is to disable the filtering in the opacity map. The "Material Optimizer" (in the Material rollout) applies automatically all these tricks.

Carlos Quintero
iToo Software