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Camera Visibility Limit w/xrefs


Itoo Masters,

When x-refing scenes with FP, with the Camera "limit to visibility" checked for those FP objects, does that feature transfer over to the master scene or do I have to have a camera in that FP scene for FP to know where to clip? I hope that makes sense? I know it says "if empty the camera is selected automatically", but wonder if that is only in that file.

Thanks in advance

Michal Karmazín:
Hi Murph,

I’m afraid, that there are several restrictions to any object referenced within XRef Scene(s) and as far as I know, there's currently no way how to bypass this limitation, therefore the recommendable workflow would be to use XRef Object(s) for used Custom Object(s) and leave FP objects in the "master scene". A time ago we published the "Tips for Mastering Large Scale Environments" tutorial - you might find it interesting and useful.

Best regards,

Thanks for verifying


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