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Hi everyone,

Is anyone able to live link with FP and Chaos Vantage in a streamlined way?

At the moment forest pack objects are taking forever and a day to update in live link, so for example my whole scene minus the forest pack objects takes 1 minute to translate, add on 5 forest pack scatters with about 50,000 objects and we get a massive slowdown, at least an extra 30-45 minutes, this is unworkable, perhaps Chaos Vantage can't handle FP quickly, I'm sure you guys would have a much better insight on what's going on behind the scenes, any clues?

My whole scene has 8,000 objects, let's say the number of objects are the potential issue, FP has 50,000 objects, this should take approx 5-10 times longer at most, bearing in mind it's probably only about 20 plants being loaded.

I will try the Vray forums as well.

Any help appreciated as always,


Paul Roberts:
Hello Jason,

Chaos added for Forest Pack support with Vantage and as far as I know they use the .vrscene format and so I imagine they must have to save data for each instance inside the file. In any case, I'm afraid there's not much more we can do on our side, although we will of course happily collaborate with them if improvements can be made.


Hi Paul,

Thanks for the response, digging a bit deeper it appears that the FP presets are the ones causing the problems. I can load other complex scatters (non-presets) with over 30,000 objects inside almost instantly in livelink but as soon as I use a grass or mulch preset then things get troublesome. I have tried breaking up the areas that the grass presets covered which helped a bit. I am just trying a 3,300 object mulch and it's gone back to mega mega slow transfer.

Will delve deeper and check in a fresh file.

I will check with the VRAY guys as well, I kind of wondered if you guys had tried Vantage and experienced this?



Paul Roberts:

We've experimented with Vantage here, but not tested it exhaustively. I wonder if the materials are to blame. It would be interesting to run some test where we remove the materials that ship with the presets and swap them with something simpler to see if it makes a difference.



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