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Color Correction - Brigtness


Hi, after a long time I wanted to use the function to change the material directly in FP. Unfortunately the Brightness item does not work as expected. All colors are completely oversaturated. If I apply Brightness directly to the texture via Photoshop the result is completely different. Would it be possible to add e.g. Gain? Gain works on most cases much better. Thanks.

edit: And also the range of the Brighness function does not seem to be very linear. -0.2 is almost black and 0.2 is almost white.

I figure your interpretation is similar to the "legacy" brightness in Photoshop. Would it be possible to override it to a standard one where it doesn't cut colors and thus resaturates the dominant color?

Paul Roberts:
Thanks for the feedback about the colour correction tools. I'll pass it on to the development team. I seem to recall that we emulated some built-in max Colour correction maps but they'll investigate further.


Thanks! Now is Brightness unusable :-(
Gain or better intepretation of Brightness like Photoshop is the solution.


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