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Crash with material editor

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Juste upgraded to FP 7.1.2 on my 3dsmax 2022 (24.1) & vray 4.30.03

As soon as i open my material editor (slate), i've got an FP alert on vray version, le MatEdit is trying to render some shaders and then... crash

Any help please ?

Paul Roberts:

Sorry to hear you are facing this issue. It sounds like a mismatch between supported versions to us. As far as we know there isn't an official version of V-Ray Next update 3 for 3ds Max 2022. Although they are binary compatible I don't think it's officially supported. Please try copying ForestVRay43.dll from a Max 2021 installation of Forest Pack. Hopefully that should resolve the issue.


Hey Paul, thanks for quick answer.

Juste tried to copy the dll and remove ForestVRay50.dll. Both tests doesn't resolved the crash.

Vray 4 for 3dsmax2022 isn't an official supported version ?

Paul Roberts:
We couldn't see an installer of V-Ray 4.3 for Max 2022, but maybe you have one?

Are you able to provide a minidump? It might helps us to locate where the error is occurring. You can see some instructions for it here:


Here's a recent minidump file.

It looks like vray 4 for 3dsmax 2022 is not officially supported despite the users requests.

I think we might revert to 3dsmax 2021 & forest 6 to stay on Vray4 for this production...



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