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Author Topic: Loading effect with script  (Read 2315 times)


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Loading effect with script
« on: December 14, 2017, 01:23:42 PM »
Hello !

I've discovered recently the 'scatter on displaced surface' topics :*)/vray-displacement/msg18916/#msg18916

It's great and working.
So now i need to update massively my scenes ( ~ 30 scenes with ~10 forests each)

Is it possible to load the 'newDisplacementEffect' on forest with maxScript ?
It seems it is the last thing i need to automate this.

Thanks !


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Re: Loading effect with script
« Reply #1 on: December 16, 2017, 08:57:22 AM »
Hi, the full Effect is stored in Max parameters of the Forest object. Theorically it would be possible to copy these parameters from one object to other using Maxscript, and replicate the Effect.
But really this is something we never tried, i'm not sure if that will work.

These are all the parameters. Please note that several of them are arrays:

"effects", "efenable", "pf_efonlyrender", "efpaid", "efpatype", "efpaname", "efpalimit", "efpadesc", "efpanumtype", "efpaintval", "efpaintmin","efpaintmax", "efpaintdef", "efpafloatval", "efpafloatmin", "efpafloatmax", "efpafloatdef", "efpaunitval", "efpaunitmin","efpaunitmax", "efpaunitdef", "efpainode", "efpacontref", "efpacontanim", "efpacontype"

Carlos Quintero
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