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Distributed Rendering problem
« on: December 01, 2017, 03:59:12 PM »

I encountered annoying problem when tried to render scene in distributed rendering.

Host is added, Scene is transferred to it, scene i loaded, irradiance map is sent to host, both workstation and render slave are rendering fine for a while and after about minute I get warning: render host xxx is not responging. Whole process of transfering and loading scene starts again and so on...

The result is, that render slave renders about 1/4 time of whole rendering process, the rest is taken only by my main workstation.

Does anyone have any ideas what could go wrong?  :-\

Oh sorry, I didn't mention. I work on 3ds max 2012 and V-ray 3.4
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Re: Distributed Rendering problem
« Reply #1 on: December 02, 2017, 09:16:10 AM »
Hi, according to the error message, it seems there is some network problem which is causing that slave nodes are connecting over and over with the master workstation.
I suggest that your network is reviewed by an IT specialist, because it may be a hardware or software problem.

But it would be a problem with V-Ray itself. You might search similar issues in the ChaosGroup forum, or ask directly to their support team.

I hope that helps.

Carlos Quintero
iToo Software